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Podcast Account Set Up

We’ll set up your podcast on, then submit it to Apple Podcast for you. This can be a free account, but upgrades are included with our subscription accounts.

Podcast Channel Artwork

Podcast Channel Artwork includes a banner for sharing on social media and background graphics for the channel itself.

Podcast Introduction

All of our podcast episodes include a free AI-generated narration, or you can upgrade to a professional narrator of your choice. We also produce an animated logo sting for your video intros and outros. Here’s a sample episode featuring both.

Video Episode Template

We’ll create a video template using Adobe Premiere Pro to highlight your episode. This will include your podcast audio track (you will provide this), the Animated Logo Sting, Channel Artwork, and title screen for the episode. You’ll then be provided with the editable file and a tutorial so you can make future episodes yourself. Here is an example of a MegaMad Websites Podcast Video:

Audio Episode Template

Once you provide your podcast audio, we’ll create an audio-only version of your podcast for uploading to your podcast channel. This will be done on Adobe Premiere Pro and you will be provided with the project file and tutorial. Here is an example audio track: